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  • Experiencing recurrent miscarriage
  • Facing advanced maternal age
  • Looking for support through your next IVF cycle
  • Suffering from a stubborn health issue, reproductive or otherwise
  • Wanting to improve your pregnancy and post partum experience

Conceive Naturally After Experiencing Recurrent Miscarriage

Just like Chiao-ih
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"After three lost pregnancies within 18 months, seeing multiple fertility specialists, we were told we were experiencing "bad luck". There was nothing medically wrong that kept us from having a second healthy child, other than the fact that I was a tad bit over 35 years old (I believe the term "geriatric eggs" was joked about). We were both healthy, relatively fit, and extremely frustrated. Frankly our family planning completely consumed our lives and this stretched to our extended families who offered a lot of helpful (and sometimes unhelpful) advice.
A relative gently suggested that while we were both healthy and fit by many measures, perhaps there were other internal imbalances that we should consider. Heather Seay was recommended as a trusted acupuncturist in our area and I called her immediately.
Heather is wonderful to work with. On our first visit, she could sense my frustration with our situation and wanted to make sure that I had proper expectations set. I recall she specifically told me that my issues were not an overnight fix and it could take up to 3 months before we saw progress. I saw Heather once a week and to the EXACT DAY at three months, I had a positive home pregnancy test.
I continued to see Heather throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period. We considered her as part of my medical team that ensured I had a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. Seeing her during postpartum greatly assisted in my recovery, which was very different from my first postpartum period when I didn't see her. I still continue to see Heather for general health maintenance.
We now have a healthy, curious, and rambunctious boy and our little family feels complete. I can't thank Heather enough for the gift she was able to give our family."
You Deserve To Be A Mom.
We support you in your journey to parenthood and optimal health.

The ONE thing that matters most when it comes to enhancing fertility and pregnancy success, whether you are using ART or not, is pre-conception planning (for both you and your partner)The CDC agrees. Through their survey they found the # 1 way to move the needle on infertility is through better pre-conception care.



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Integrative Preconception Care & The Benefits of Vitamin D

Receive The Support You Need Through Your Next IVF Cycle So You Can Feel Relaxed And Have A Successful Pregnancy

Just Like Kaitlin

I started seeing Heather for acupuncture during fertility treatments. She was amazing! My only regret is that I didn't start seeing her earlier on in my fertility journey. She saw me once a week leading up to my embryo transfer, and helped me to keep calm and level headed despite all that was going on. She saw me twice the day of embryo transfer, even though it required meeting before 7 in the morning, and continued after my transfer. She was super knowledgeable about the entire process, and was able to prescribe me herbs to help when my lining wasn't quite where they wanted it to be for transfer. I'm confident that acupuncture helped my body to relax and properly prepare for a successful transfer. I would absolutely recommend Heather wholeheartedly, and again, my only regret is not starting acupuncture earlier in my journey!

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What You've Been Doing Isn't Working

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Jenny Was Diagnosed With PCOS And Had Two Successful IVF Cycles Using The Fertility Growth Method

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Heather is fantastic, caring and truly focuses the treatment on your needs. She helped me with my IVF treatments for all of my successful treatments and pregnancies. She helped me relax and focus on the treatments vs what was going on at work. HIGHLY recommend her.

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