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Eastern Bench was founded by Dr. Heather Seay, DACM and James Seay, LMT, in the hopes of providing a restful, urban sanctuary where people could come to connect with their community and receive safe and effective treatment options for their health concerns. Through James and Heather’s experiences in the spa industry, relaxation, healing and client comfort are at the core of all the treatments we offer. We are dedicated to offering you the ease and quality of care you have come to expect from a professional medical facility.  By blending modern holistic health principles with the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine you receive a curated, personalized, healing experience.  In addition to being an expert in acupuncture and herbal medicine, Dr. Heather Seay provides fertility support sessions whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with assisted reproductive technology.  With every appointment, we strive to provide our very best recommendations whether that be with treatment options, herbal recommendations, or dietary & lifestyle suggestions.  Your wellness and relaxation are our primary concerns so we maintain a comforting and therapeutic environment by using the highest quality equipment and techniques to ensure you have a painless and enjoyable experience every time.

Supporting You & Your Healing

  • Whole Person: The body, mind, and spirit are connected and we treat accordingly.
  • Optimal Health: Your optimal health is our primary goal, helping you create a dynamic state of being fully alive.
  • Healing Power of Love: We strive to meet each patient with grace, kindness, and acceptance unconditionally.
  • Prevention & Treatment: A holistic approach promotes health, prevents illness,  relieves symptoms, modifies contributing factors, and enhances the patient’s life system to optimize future well-being.
  • Innate Healing Power: All people have the innate power to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits.  We are here to help you evoke and use these powers to enhance your healing process. 
  • Individuality: Each person is unique, with a unique set of symptoms that needs an individual response.
  • Partnership: We view the patient/practitioner relationship as a partnership where each person has their part and responsibility.  We partner with our patients and their other healthcare providers to provide integrated care.
  • Integration of Healing Systems: We select the treatments that will best meet your unique needs.  
  • Teaching By Example: We strive to put the holistic health principles into practive in our daily lives to influence the quality of the healing relationship.
  • Learning Opportunities: All of life’s experiences are learning opportunities which influences our biology.  

Why Choose Us?

Feel Better

You want to leave your Salt Lake City acupuncture or bodywork session feeling better than when you came in.

Family Building

You are building your family and want to experience less stress and more success in getting pregnant.

IVF/IUI Support

You want some support through your next IVF/IUI cycle so you can feel relaxed and enhance success rates.

Root Cause

You value healthcare that gets to the root cause of your health concerns.

Your Wellness is One Consultation Away.


Whether it's your first step to a healthier, more vital life or your last resort, holistic medicine gives you the power to make positive change.

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