Amenorrhea is the absence of your period for three or more cycles.  Patients will often come see us to help re-establish their cycles.  Many times these patients haven’t been concerned about missing their period until they are trying to conceive.  Considering that our menstrual cycle is thought of as a fifth vital sign, the absence of it often means there could be underlying health issues and amenorrhea should always be addressed.  Having a menstrual cycle means that you are in rhythmn with nature.  Any disruptions in this rhythmn can create issues with your general health.

Some of the common causes of amenorrhea include: low body weight, excessive exercise, stress, PCOS, birth control use and a subsequent failure to re-establish a cycle after stopping use, a thyroid imbalance, a side effect of medication, hormone imbalance, premature ovarian failure, and a pituitary tumor.  Some of these conditions are more serious than others, so we advise our patients to pay a visit to their OBGYN to find out why they are missing their periods and rule out any serious conditions.

Most of the patients who seek our help to re-establish their cycle do so within 3-6 months of regular acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs.  Acupuncture focuses on balancing their hormones, improving blood circulation, promoting ovulation, as well as treating any underlying condition.

We almost always prescribe a specially made herbal formula that is written specifically to address the patient’s Chinese medical diagnosis.  Often the patient will take different formulas at different times of the month.  These formulas are associated with specific phases of the menstrual cycle and aim to help the body find it’s rhythmn again.



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