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Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture gives facelift like results without the surgery, drugs, fillers, chemicals, or recovery time.  Cosmetic acupuncture is a whole body treatment that improves your health while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and even deeper creases. These sessions work cumulatively to improve every aspect of your skin from tone to clarity to firmness.

When we treat your entire body, you see results from the inside out.

Treatment includes tiny needles, facial cupping, gua sha, jade rollers, and celluma light therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation in the skin, and even out skin tone. We also use Jade Spa and Jadience Herbal skincare formulas in our cosmetic acupuncture facials.  These are specialized Chinese medicine skin care products with jade infused in them to firm and lift skin, stimulate facial-cell regeneration, improve the appearance o ffine lines and wrinkles, and heal your skin to produce the right amount of moisture.

Please schedule a free initial consultation. In cases where a health condition or medication might be contraindicated, we’ll work on your overall health first.

Beneficial Side Effects

Results You Can Expect:

  • Invigorated Complexion
  • Improved Elasticity
  • Improve Facial Cell Regeneration
  • Reduction of Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Firm and Lift
  • Heal Skin to Produce the Right Amount of Moisture
  • Leveling of Deeper Creases
  • Improvement in the Beginning of Jowls
  • Reduction of Acne and Rosacea
  • Reduction in Puffiness
  • Help with Bell’s Palsy and Stroke Symptoms
  • Balance of Oily and Dry Skin
  • Increased Blood and Lymph Circulation
  • Tightened Pores
  • Reduction of Inflammation in the Face
  • Reduction of Dark Circles


Additional Benefits Reported By Clients:
  • Reduction in hot flashes and night sweats
  • Less anxiety
  • Reduction in mild depression
  • Reduction in Ptosis (droopy eyelids)
  • Less insomnia
  • Overall body rejuvenation
  • Cleared sinus congestion
  • Eyes look and feel brighter
  • Resolved headaches
  • Improved digestion
  • Feel more confident and beautiful

How Does Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture Work?

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture can stimulate blood flow, activate stem cells, boost collagen and elastin production, and promote lymph drainage.  This is achieved by:




Needling creates a micro trauma in the skin and triggers the body to repair the area by producing collagen and elastin.  Acupuncture needles are tiny, thin and bendy.  The micro traumas are invisible and not painful.  





Your skin is treated by a celluma light therapy device. This LED device emits specific wavelengths of red and blue light which treats inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne, speeds healing and increases cell turnover while improving blood flow.


Cupping, Gua Sha &

Jade Roller

These manual therapies improve circulation and reduce inflammation while draining lymph which relieves congestion from the pores and deeper layers of the skin. Cell-turnover increases, meaning the top layers of skin that show age, acne, scarring, and other imperfections are replaced with fresh youthful skin cells.

What To Expect During Your Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture Sessions

Cosmetic Acupuncture is performed in a series of 10-sessions after your initial 90-minute new patient appointment.

Your new patient appointment will be an in-depth review of your whole body so we can address your skin health from the inside out, to offer you long-lasting results designed to improve your quality of life, not just your skin. This initial session will include a full treatment.

Follow-up sessions are 60-minutes and it is recommended that these be delivered in a series of 10 appointments spaced 2x per week for 5 weeks. You will need 10-15 sessions to see good results.

Younger skin will show improvement more quickly. The more closely you follow your recommended treatment plan that includes herb, diet, and lifestyle recommendations, the better your results will be.

Every Cosmetic Acupuncture Session Includes:

Full Body Acupuncture

A full-body acupuncture treatment to address the imbalances underlying your skin concerns. 

Facial Acupuncture

Increase circulation, boost collagen production and increase cell turnover for radiant skin.

Celluma Light Therapy

Treatment under the Celluma light therapy device while your points are in.

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin to produce collagen while flushing toxins.

Facial Gua Sha

Facial gua sha to boost blood flow, drain lymph, and leave you glowy.

Crystal Face Rolling

Cooling jade rollers to tighten up skin and soothe redness.

Results last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on how well you treat your body. Regular follow-up sessions every 3-4 weeks will maintain results for years.


+ New Patient 90 Min Appointments Are: $200

+ Cosmetic Acupuncture Sessions Are: $175 per 60 minute session


+ A Pre-Paid Package of 10 is $1550 ($200 savings, does not include the initial consultation)

Have a question? Reach out!

Eastern Bench is a reputable wellness clinic in the Salt Lake area with a specialty in natural fertility and IVF support.  We are very dedicated to providing high quality holistic care to our clients.  To set up an appointment, please call (385)279-2410 or request an appointment online. We offer free 15 minute consultations to those who would like to learn more about our treatment options.  Please contact us by submitting this form if you should have any additional questions.


How do I schedule?

If you’ve never seen me for acupuncture, you’ll need to schedule an Initial Treatment here, and then you can schedule all ten of your Mei Zen treatments using the same link. Make sure to schedule your Mei Zen treatments twice a week for five weeks, with at least two days between each treatment. If you’re an established patient at Eastern Bench, you can go ahead and schedule all ten of your Mei Zen treatments without scheduling an Initial Treatment first.

Is Mei Zen safe during pregnancy or while trying to conceive?

Facial and neck Mei Zen treatments are safe during pregnancy, but not recommended. From a Chinese medicine point of view, Mei Zen treatments are not recommended during pregnancy because we don’t want to divert Qi (energy) and Blood from your Uterus while it’s doing the important work of growing a baby. 

Can I go back to work after each treatment?

Yes, definitely! You can even keep your eye makeup on during each treatment, as I won’t touch your eyes at all. Just come with no foundation on, and you can reapply afterwards if you’d like. Or go foundation-free for the day and enjoy your results.

Who is Mei Zen for?

Mei Zen is for anyone over 30 years old who wants to improve the look of their skin without using harsh chemicals, surgery, or other invasive, expensive techniques. Mei Zen is the answer to the search for a minimally invasive, effective, all-natural procedure that has lasting results, no recovery time, and only beneficial side effects.

Who is Mei Zen not for?

Mei Zen is not for anyone who is experiencing the following: major health issues, chronic illness, pregnancy, has had recent injections (e.g. Botox), migraines, seizures, or uncontrolled hypertension.

Are there any side effects?

Yes! Here are some of the beneficial side effects you might experience:

  • Reduction in hot flashes and night sweats

  • Less anxiety

  • Reduction in mild depression

  • More energy

  • Less insomnia

  • Overall body rejuvenation

  • Cleared sinus congestion

  • Eyes look and feel brighter

  • Resolved headaches

  • Improved digestion

  • No more need to wear foundation

  • No more need to wear chapstick (lips feel more moisturized)

  • Feel more confident and beautiful!

The only negative side effect is possible bruising.

How long do Mei Zen results last?

Depending on your age, how you care for your skin and overall health, and the level of toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis, Mei Zen results can last 3-5 years with maintenance. If you are over fifty years old, results can last 1-2 years. Recommended maintenance for any age is one Mei Zen treatment per month.

What is the ideal age to receive Mei Zen?

Anyone over age 30 will notice dramatic improvements and benefit from Mei Zen. The earlier you start, the longer your skin will retain the results from Mei Zen treatment. It’s easier to maintain youthful looking skin than reverse it. However, I’ve seen people in their 60s and 70s receive wonderful results! It’s never too early or too late to take good care of your skin and overall health.

Do I need to do maintenance after I’m finished with the Mei Zen treatments?

Yes, recommended maintenance is one Mei Zen treatment per month, after you’ve finished the 10-treatment protocol. If you choose to incorporate my dietary, supplement, herbal, and/or skin care product recommendations, those will all help to maintain your results as well.

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