The digestive system is the foundation for our overall wellness.  Our gut is responsible for putting our body into working order. It breaks down the foods we eat, absorbs nutrients that support our body’s functions — from energy production to hormone balance, skin health to mental health, and even toxin and waste elimination.  Our digestive system is also directly correlated to our immune system.  In fact 70 % of the immune system is housed in the gut, so digestive system issues, small or large, can indicate possible immune system issues.  Acupuncture and lymphatic massage are effective in treating a wide range of digestive system disorders including nausea and vomiting, functional disorders (IBS, constipation, and diarrhea), peptic ulcer disease, acid reflux, Crohn's disease, postoperative ileus, gall stone disease, hiatal hernia, and symptoms associated with SIBO.  Lymphatic massage can help increase peristalsis and stimulate the digestive muscles.  

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Acupuncture is also an effective treatment for allergies.  Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe the best way to treat allergies is to uncover the causes by addressing the whole person and balancing the immune system. Mainstream medicine is accustomed to treating allergies as isolated symptoms and prescribing antihistamines or steroids to eliminate those symptoms.  In Chinese medicine, allergies are seen as one piece of a larger puzzle, and usually fit into a larger pattern of wellness.  The entire body is connected by a system of pathways or meridians. When pathways are blocked, energy is unable to flow through the rest of the body.  An allergy could be a sign of a blockage in a pathway that needs to be addressed.  Acupuncture is a technique that is used to open these blockages, thus eliminating symptoms of allergies such as sneezing and coughing.