FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is an important hormone involved in the natural menstrual cycle as well as in a medicated stimulation of the ovaries.  It is the main hormone invovled in the maturation of eggs.  As a woman ages, the quality and amount of her eggs decreases and the pituitary gland releases of FSH to stimulate the ovaries to produce a healthy follicle.  Thus, higher levels of FSH can indicate lower ovarian reserves.

Ovarian reserve is a measure of the remaining number of eggs in the ovaries.  As a woman ages, ovarian reserve becomes depleted.  While there is a strong correlation between chronological age and ovarian reserve, the one does not necessarily follow the other.  Many older women have a strong ovarian reserve, while some younger women do not.  For patients with poor ovarian reserve, the aim of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to improve blood flow to the ovaries thereby increasing receptivity to FSH and improving egg quality.  

Women with high FSH and/or POF (premature ovarian failure) are often told there is nothing they can do to improve their chances of conceiving.  However, Traditional Chinese Medicine doesn't believe in underlying poor egg quality/high FSH, except as an indication of underlying health conditions.  Remember, we treat the whole person, not just their pathology or set of symptoms; everything is connected and related.  Once you are healthier, your reproductive function will be too.

Utilizing acupuncture and Chinese herbs has been proven to lower FSH and improve egg quality. 

As we age, our bodies pay less attention to the reproductive system.  Our acupuncture treatments refocus the body's natural healing abilities on reproductive function, restoring the balance and vitality necessary for conception.

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