Chinese medicine focuses on pre-conception health to prevent miscarriage.  We also continue to treat our patients until they our fourteen weeks pregnant, as 90% of miscarriages occur in the first twelve weeks.

Both partners need to achieve optimal reproductive health prior to the time of conception.  Acupuncture can specifically increase blood flow to the reproductive organs so that the eggs and sperm are bathed in nutrient rich blood at the time of maturation.  Better quality eggs, endometrial lining, and sperm lead to better quality embryos and a healthy implantation with a reduced possibility of early miscarriage.  We are also able to help with auto-immune and thyroid issues that contribute to miscarriage by reducing inflammation.

If hormone levels are low (i.e progesterone in luteal phase insufficiency) are a factor, acupuncture can help strengthen the quality of the follicles so they are better producers of progesterone after ovulation.  Likewise, increasing blood flow to the uterus and working to balance hormones can help thicken the endometrial lining.  

Herbal medicine and nutritional therapy can be used in some cases if necessary.

In the months leading up to conception, we may use herbs to help build the blood or increase production of good quality cervical fluid if it is lacking.

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