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Dr. Heather Seay, DACM, LAc, FABORM

Professional Bio

Dr. Heather Seay, co-founder of Eastern Bench Holistic Healthcare, is a certified oriental reproductive medicine specialist. She is known for helping women and couples build epic families through a holistic and natural approach.

Dr. Seay was born in California but raised in Utah. She has been immersed in the field of holistic and natural medicine since 1998. She frequently writes blog articles for Circle and Bloom and has been interviewed on the PCOS Diva podcast. In 2017, she became a Fellow for the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Seay was one of the first acupuncturists to offer services for active military at Salt Lake Behavioral Health and she is currently co-chair for the Acupuncture Regenerative Medicine Society.

Dr. Seay received her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California and is proud alumna of Pacific College of Health and Human Sciences in San Diego, California, where she received her Doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine (DACM). She is a Diplomate of NCCAOM and a fellow of the ABORM.

How this clinic came to be

I came to acupuncture and Chinese medicine in a roundabout way. I, like many other college students, felt unsure of what I wanted to be when I grew up. After trying out some other majors I decided maybe physical therapy was the career for me. I began taking courses and landed a job as a PT Aide in two different, local hospitals. As a PT Aide, I found that I enjoyed working with the patients but there was something about the medical system that I didn’t like. Later, I would come to realize that I didn’t like how superficial and sometimes downright unhelpful the western medical model could be. Right around the same time I came to this realization, a college friend introduced me to massage therapy school. I followed my heart and enrolled in night school at UCMT. Being in the massage therapy program was just the beginning for me, in terms of transforming my body, mind and soul. My upbringing was that of a standard American kid. I grew up eating hostess Twinkies or Oreos as an after school snack and I would frequently ride my bike to 7-Eleven to buy Jolley Ranchers and other candy. In high school and college, my staples were asiago cheese bagels and Dr. Pepper. My parents tried their best with what was available but at that time there wasn’t a lot of emphasis on healthy living and eating. As a result, I had a lot of health issues ranging from allergies and eczema to digestion issues and painful periods. I learned about acupuncture and Chinese medicine while at UCMT. This concept of health and well-being lit me up inside. I just knew that I was meant to become a doctor of Chinese medicine. Read more about how I became a certified oriental reproductive specialist here.

I wanted to be someone who did good things for others in a deep and meaningful way.

How I Became A Certified Oriental Reproductive Specialist

While I was living in Ventura, California, I got pregnant with our first daughter. I started seeing my first Chinese medicine doctor to help with the morning sickness, aches and pains, and to maintain a healthy pregnancy. She did it all- acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition therapy, Tui-Na and bone-setting (a long lost art that is very similar to the modern day chiropractic). I believe that had I not received such well-rounded integrative treatment, I would not have been able to enjoy a pregnancy free of any complications and labor and deliver at home. After this experience, I decided that I wanted to be the type of Chinese medicine doctor who took her patients from preconception care all the way through to post partum. Through all the ups and downs, twists and turns that fertility and pregnancy can bring. This would fulfill my desire to help in a deep and meaningful way.

Now, after years of research and medical practice seeing women and couples get pregnant and have the babies they’ve dreamed of despite being considered advanced maternal age or given a diagnosis that stacks the odds against them, I believe that standard fertility care only addresses a small portion of what is needed to support women and couples with their fertility. Many times women are not seen or heard, are blamed for most if not all fertility challenges, and are told to just relax and it will happen. Infertility is an extremely lonely journey wrought with shame and sadness and society only perpetuates these viewpoints.

My wish is for those people who want to have a family on their terms, get the best chance to do that and experience the joys of being a parent in helping shape the next generation.

If you are struggling to conceive or want to create optimal preconception health prior to conceiving, I can help. Schedule a discovery call to get your questions answered. I am never too busy to help!

James Seay

Massage Therapy

James Seay, Lmt

I grew up with a mother who ran a natural health food store on Cape Cod. I was exposed to what is now mainstream, the natural food and wellness culture. As with many teenagers, I didn’t follow healthy eating and proper activity habits that closely. But that changed the moment I received my first professional massage. Twenty minutes into the massage, I had this epiphany, “This feels so good. I could see myself doing this for other people.” Soon after the massage, I mentioned this thought to my mother and she handed me a massage magazine from her store. While on a break from my barista job, I read about this new world, Massage Therapy. Towards the end of the magazine, there were these small, business card size ads. One of them seemed to hover off the page, it was for the Utah College of Massage Therapy. Again, I had this feeling to follow my intuition and connect to the school. After receiving the school information, I was in and committed. A year after receiving my first massage, I was sitting in class learning about how I could help people feel better. Not only help people feel better, but the possibility to help change people’s lives. It’s always amazing how so much can change within one year, if not sooner. After meeting Heather, we decided to move to California! Shifting into the spa world was a great path which was not on my radar. I had misconceptions of this industry, too fluff not enough true healing. I was wrong. Nowadays, spa goers are more knowledgeable about massage and healthy-living options. People are now using the spa as a needed part of their lifestyle maintenance instead of just for luxury.

Education/Professional Story

I graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1997. A year later, I began working in award winning spas, starting with The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa then helping open The Spa at Pebble Beach in 1999. Ten years later, with the recession shaking things up, Heather and I packed up the kids and our life in California and headed back to Utah. Since 2009, I’ve been a full-time massage therapist at multiple locations in Park City and within the Salt Lake area. Since the beginning of my career, I continuously strive to educate my clients to enhance their healing experience. Since the fall of 2017, I have included educating future therapists in my career. I currently teach a variety of bodywork classes at the Healing Mountain School of Massage.

To second Heather’s mission – It is also my mission to educate, inspire and empower people to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves, live the lives they were meant to live and take back control of their health. I am here to provide guidance, support and clarity.

My Non-Biz Life

I am a blessed husband to a beautiful and smart wife. I am a proud father to three conscious, confident, and successful daughters. When we’re not busy with work and school, we enjoy road trips to the west coast or to the southern desert. I am active with season-specific sports and regular gym visits, to stay healthy and happy.

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