Acupuncture is the original regenerative energetic medicine.  It has been used for over 5000 years to promote mind/body balance by harmonizing the natural elements of yin and yang.  This ensures the smooth flow of Qi (pronounced "chee"), the natural energy that flows throughout the body.  We also use cupping, gua sha, auriculotherapy, regenerative injections, moxibustion, and herbs.  These adjunctive therapies are helpful and effective to correct many of the body's imbalances.  Our services are very versatile and healing.  Our treatments help with pain management, general health concerns, emotional well-being, and pregnancy/obstetrics concerns.  Our Chinese medicine services, offered in Salt Lake City, can help you with neck and back pain, shoulder pain, sports/weekend warrior injuries, migraines and headaches, menstrual related complaints including PMS/PMDD, period pain, menopause, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Promoting Balance and The Smooth Flow of Energy

Acupuncture is a treatment technique under the whole system form of healthcare called Chinese medicine.  It is an ancient method of balancing and building the body's energies.  It used throughout the world. Chinese medicine views disease as a disruption in the flow of the body's natural energy flow.  Acupuncturists insert thin, sterile, one time use needles into specific points on the body. The acupuncture points relate to one of the pathways or meridians. When acupuncture points are needled, they can regulate the way the body functions.  Each point has general and specific functions based on it's associated pathway and/or organ and its location.  Where there is injury, discomfort, or illness, there is a problem with Qi flow. Inserting a needle into a point, which most patients discover is painless, atracts the body's attention, clears obstructions, and promotes the body's healing response to restore the proper harmony of yin and yang in the body.  The needles act as conduits for energy circulation.  

In western medical terminology, acupuncture causes physiological changes.  Acupuncture can control and balance hormone and neurotransmitter secretion.  It effectively targets and increases blood flow to specific parts of the body which provides nourishment to restore us to our natural state of wellness.

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