You've probably all seen those infamous round circles on the back of swimmer Micheal Phelps! Cupping helps to move stuck and stagnant energy, as well as reduce inflammation (or what we call clearing heat).  It helps improve blood circulation and lymph flow.  Cupping is quite relaxing for many people and works quickly to relieve tension.

Gua Sha:

Gua sha, also known as scraping, is a technique to help reduce inflammation and boost immunity.  It removes stagnant energy and improves circulation.  One treatment can provide relief form pain, stiffness, coughs, fevers etc. 


Microcurrent sends small, unnoticeable eletrical signals through acupuncture points and channels.  It is useful for stimulating the flow of energy.  Different frequencies are used for different problems such as scar tissue, inflammation. tissue repair, etc.


Low level laser is used to stimulate the movement of energy in the acupuncture channel via acupuncture points. This helps to regenerate cells, decrease pain, reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Laser acupuncture is especially helpful to treat children and adults with a needle phobia. We also use laser for scar tissue blockages caused by adhesions.


A painless technique commonly used on childre, shoni-shin is a Japanese style that uses small tools to stimulate energy flow in the channels.

Tui-na & Trigger point:

Trigger Point Therapy involves using pressure to relieve tender muscle, nodules and fibrous tissue in the body. Trigger points are most often associated with acupuncture points and are not always in the same location of pain. For example, a trigger point on the foot may relieve a headache or nausea. Tui na is a a form of medical massage that effectively addresses pain.  There are specific strokes that are unique to this form of massage that are used to stimulate energy flow, reduce pain, clear heat to name a few.

Acuphototherapy Patches

Acuphototherapy patching is a revolutionary and easy way to stimulate the body's innate healing response through a combination of light therapy patches and acupuncture points.  Lifewave patches are wearable technology that use the infrared light produced by the body to stimulate biochemical and physiological changes.  Phototherapy patches contain no chemicals, drugs or herbs.  Phototherapy patches provide constant stimulation of acupuncture points with light which activates anti-oxidants, peptides and even stem cells in the body to support the healing process.

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