No Matter The Distance, We Are Here To Support You In Your Health Goals

Telehealth gives us the flexibility to connect and maintain your health and wellness.  We can update your treatment plan, assist you in setting new health goals, and help you keep your immunity strong.  On our HIPPA compliant online platform is where we can meet to create a plan to help you maintain your health conditions.  From the safety and convenience of your home, we can have a confidential and open discussion of your health concerns, symptoms, and even your emotional state.  And just as in-person visits, we will observe your tongue and customize our recommendations to you and your particular needs.  

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A Virtual Wellness Tool
To Maintain Your Health

You can easily schedule online with Dr. Heather.  You will receive an invite to join the meeting through your computer, tablet or phone.  

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Custom Herbal Formulas
Herbal formulas customized to you. We can ship direct. As a patient you also have access to our Full Script account with 15% off all supplements.
Lifestyle & Diet Support
Self care is so important for our general wellness. We can create an acuphototherapy protocol for you, as well as show you how to apply ear seeds, do a diet audit, prescribe yoga stretches, Qi gong exercises, meditation and guided visualizations.
Your Health & Happiness Are Our # 1 Concern
Your wellness and health concerns are on-going and we understand that. We've invested in your health. One on one contact with your practitioner is about problem solving, healing, and supportive connection.