The end of another calendar year is quickly approaching. With Thanksgiving happening last week, the holiday season is officially upon us. This time of year, can be emotional for everyone, but for people dealing with the uncertainty of infertility, those feelings can be darker, heavier, and difficult to understand.  Gatherings with family and friends can bring unsolicited and insensitive comments and advice. The holidays can mean being exposed to the uncomplicated family building journeys of those close to us. That can really hurt. The holidays can also mean being around giggling, rosy cheeked children joyful in anticipation. This can feel extra heavy when you are longing for a child of your own and it hasn’t been easy. It can be helpful to be mindful of how you prepare for a busy holiday schedule or how you will protect yourself from the particularly tender moments beforehand. This tips in this article may be helpful in getting you through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season while caring for yourself along the way.

Find Your Tribe

Your family and friends really do mean well but their advice and attempts at supporting you can leave you feeling even more alone. Circle and Bloom’s fertility support group on Facebook or the Infertility Resource Center can offer support, connection with those who have been where you are or are on the journey with you, and help you to feel less alone. 

Connect Again with What Brings You joy

Plan something for yourself each day that brings you pleasure. Take a walk while listening to a podcast. Take a yoga or Pilates class. Buy a new novel to read. Start a new knitting project. Go to a movie. Buy a special dessert. Soak in a hot bath. Infertility can suck the joy out of everyday living. It’s time to take back these simple moments and pleasures.

Determine How You Will Respond to Awkward Comments and How to Shift the Conversation Away from You

When are you two going to have kids? Have you ever thought about adopting? These can be tough questions to answer, especially if you feel unprepared on how to respond. To navigate these tricky situations, produce a quick response that doesn’t leave any room for banter. Often a two-part response works by first responding to their question then quickly asking them a question about what they have been up to. For example, “yes my husband and I would love to have children someday. Didn’t you just start a new job? How is that going?”  Stop then conversation then quickly shift it to them and away from you.

Allow Yourself to Feel All the Feelings and Create Time to Yourself to Experience This Range of Natural Feelings

It is completely natural to feel emotions when going through infertility. Allow yourself the time to feel whatever emotions come up whether they are sadness or anger or any other emotions. Learn what you need to allow this to happen. It may be talking to a friend, your partner, or a therapist. This can help you craft new coping strategies or fine tune the coping mechanisms you have always used.

Receive Acupuncture and Massage

These two healing modalities can help reduce stress, improve energy and sleep, release happiness hormones, all while improving your fertility. Coming in once per week throughout the holiday season and ongoing, can help you deal with the depletion and anxiety that the fertility journey can be ridden with. Contact us at 385-279-2410 to book your acupuncture or massage visit.

A little bit can go a long way in helping you navigate the next 6 weeks. We wish you strength, hope and lightheartedness this holiday season. We are always here for you.